2 thoughts on “77 Community Areas Run and Completed !

  1. Hello! I am loving the blog of your runs through the 77 community areas! I came across them while doing some research on Greater Grand Crossing. Thought you might be interested to know that I found the obituary for Charles Stuart Brownell in the Illinois Digital Newspapers Collection: Chicago Eagle, Volume 17, Number 432, 15 January 1898, Page 2. He was actually President of the Board of Education for 12 years, a member of the Board of Trade, and had a store that burned in the Chicago Fire!
    Website: https://idnc.library.illinois.edu/?a=d&d=CHE18980115.1.2&e=——-en-20–1–img-txIN———


  2. JP, Thanx for this, I tried to look at the page above, I was totally flummoxed ! I will take the info provided and update the page. If you would be kind enough to provide a birth date, I would include it along with the death date – 1898. Dade


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