CA # 34 Armour Square

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for CA #34 Armour Square:  CA34ArmourSquare

And here is the link to the Map of Armour Square:

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

IMG_7317[1]#3 Comiskey Park – Home Plate 1910-1990

IMG_7318[1]#3 Comiskey Park – Home Plate 1910-1990.IMG_7334[1]

#12 Chinese Christian Union Church – 1948.

IMG_7319[1]#15 On Leong Merchants Assoc. Building, now Pui Tak (Build Character/Cultivate Virtue) Center 1926-1928.           #16 China Town Gate 1975 in background.

IMG_7320[1]#17 Nine-Dragon Wall Sculpture 2003

IMG_0928#20 Ping Tom Memorial Park -1991.  January 8, 2023 Photo.


IMG_8512#20 Ping Tom Memorial Park -1991.  Mural – 2018.IMG_8513IMG_8514#20 Ping Tom Memorial Park -1991.  Murals.   January 8, 2023 Photos.

IMG_8510#20 Ping Tom Memorial Park -1991.  View North from Park.  January 8, 2023 Photo.  Additional Parkland ?

IMG_7333[1]#21 Pennsylvania Railroad Vertical Lift Bridge 1917

IMG_8509IMG_8506#21 Pennsylvania Railroad Vertical Lift Bridge 1917.  January 8, 2023 Photo.