CA # 50 Pullman

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for CA #50 Pullman:

CA # 50 Pullman

And here is the link to the Map of Pullman:

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

IMG_30361. George M. Pullman Elementary School. 1910.  Perkins & Will.

IMG_3037IMG_3038IMG_3039IMG_3040IMG_3041IMG_30422. Market Hall – Scare 1881-1893 Market burned down in 1881 and 1973.  Solon Spencer Beman.

IMG_30431960’s Ford Thunderbird with Pullman License Plates, Fiona, Jean and Carol mugging for the camera.

IMG_30463. GreenstoneUnited Methodist Church.  1882.  Sol Beman.

IMG_30474.  Arcade Park 1880.  Looking north towards Hotel Florence.  IMG_30504.  Arcade Park 1880.  Looking South towards Greenstone United Methodist Church.

IMG_30485. Hotel Florence.  1881.  S.S. Beman. (2022)

IMG_13315. Hotel Florence (Named after George Pullman’s daughter) 1881 Sol S. Beman $100K (2014)

IMG_1332Mural opposite Hotel Florence (2014)

IMG_3049Mural opposite Hotel Florence (2022).

IMG_3051IMG_3052IMG_3055IMG_3056IMG_3057IMG_30586.  Clock Tower, Administration Building, & Factory Buildings.

IMG_3060IMG_30597.  Edgar Allen Poe Elementary School.  1905.

IMG_3062IMG_3064IMG_3065IMG_3066IMG_3067IMG_30688. Gately Park 1947.  Stadium 1950.  Pullman Factory buildings behind Park.


IMG_30719.  Olive-Harvey College 1970.


10. We ran through Corliss High School 1974, but only got to see this factory building from across the street (Former Pullman Factory Building?)

IMG_3073IMG_307411.  A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum est. 1995.

IMG_3075IMG_3077Pullman WheelWorks Building across the street from Pullman Porter Museum.

IMG_3078IMG_3079Marker in Pullman Gateway Garden at 111th St. and Langley Ave.

IMG_308012. Langley Park. 1947.

Cal-Harbor Restaurant offered take out service only, closed for dine-in service due to Covid.