CA # 35 Douglas

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for CA #35 Douglas :


And here is the link to the Map of Douglas:

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

IMG_9562#4 John Griffiths Mansion – 1892 – Sol Beman

IMG_9563#5 Chicago Bee (Newspaper) Library – 1929-1931 This is where the 1926 Chicago Bee Newspaper Flourished

IMG_9566# 6 Overton Hygienic Co.- 1922-1923

IMG_9571# 8 Sol. R. Crown Hall at IIT – 1954-1955 Mies van der Rohe

IMG_9577# 9 Armour Institute Main – 1891-1893 Donated by Philip Armour (1832-1901)

IMG_9579# 11 McCormick Tribune (IIT) Campus Center – Rem Koolhaas – 2003

IMG_9585#14 Kent-Gates Home – 1883 – Burnham & Root

IMG_9587# 15 Trinity Episcopal Church – 1874

IMG_9589#18 1st Baptist Church of Chicago – 1875.  Currently Olivet Baptist Church

IMG_9591Robert Roloson Houses – 1894 – Frank Lloyd Wright

IMG_9593#21 Stephen A Douglas Tomb – 1881.

IMG_9595New 2017 Bridge over Lake Shore Drive to the park and lake front.

IMG_9598#25 Victory Sculpture – WWI Black 8th Regiment – 1927

Mariano’s grocery store looks like the only place to get breakfast in this community area.  We were pressed for time this day and passed.  But we did use their bathrooms.