CA # 20 Hermosa

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for CA # 20 Hermosa:

CA 20 Hermosa

An here is a map of Hermosa:

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet:

tempImagef9hOU0Mural SE corner Fullerton and KostnertempImagewzUr45


1. Kildare Avenue Baptist Church.  1918.

tempImagelFfAB82.  ICC Principe de Paz Church.  1926.

tempImage22v6ns3.  Hermosa Park.  1915.  Fieldhouse 1925-1927 Albert A. Schwartz.

IMG_76554.  Walt Disney’s Birthplace.  1893.  Flora and Elias Disney.

IMG_76564.  Walt Disney’s Birthplace.  1893.  Flora and Elias Disney.  …with some animated characters in the foreground. 

tempImagewxO3LS… more animated characters.

tempImageWD21A05.  St. Timothy Lutheran Church.  1959.

tempImagehFWEZn6.  Schwinn Bicycle Factory.  1895 to 1992.

tempImagexi7pig7.  St. Philomena School.  1901.  William J. Brinkman. Pritzker College Prep.  2006.

tempImageyiwRrt8.  St. Philomena Church.  1922-1923.  Herman J. Gaul.

tempImagedYqNIq9.  Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School.  1990-1991.

tempImagePZr1IJMural on Armitage.  

IMG_4577Mural on Armitage.  

tempImagekhVx7G10.   William Penn Nixon Public School.  1910’s ?

tempImage0YYS4C10.   William Penn Nixon Public School.  1910’s ?  (Detail)

tempImageDuLTzO11.  St. Paul Congregational United Church of Christ.  1900.

tempImageaWklzk12.  Kelvyn Park High School.  1918.  Arthur F. Hussander.tempImageJwqOAl12.  Kelvyn Park High School.  1918.  Arthur F. Hussander.

tempImagenoeBAGWrightwood Ave. (View East)

tempImageCuCnzN13.  Kelvyn Park.  1914.  Fieldhouse 1928 Walter W. Ahlschlager. 

tempImageXXs9NZ14.  St. Stephen’s Church.  1940’s ?

tempImagegmseyK15.  Barry Elementary School.  1926-1927.  Edgar Martin.

tempImageMqaLGS16.  Hermosa Bungalow Históric District.  (On Wellington) 1925-1927.

tempImageBzTiM516.  Hermosa Bungalow Históric District.  (On Wellington) 1925-1927. (Detail of above)

tempImagefRRnmv17.  Ken-Well Park.  tempImageMPSGjY17.  Ken-Well Park. Fieldhouse – 1950’s ?

tempImagep17bZ0Steps from the end of our run.  Neighborhood Restaurant.

tempImageul37jXEnd of 77th Community Area Run !  Although we did not eat here because of Pandemic restrictions, El Tapatio is still open and surviving.