CA # 55 Hegewisch

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for CA # 55 Hegewisch:


And here is the link to the Map of Hegewisch:

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.


IMG_3408IMG_34102. Hegewisch Train Station – South Shore Line.  1992.

IMG_33343. Hegewisch State Bank.  1919.

IMG_33374. Henry Clay Elementary School.  1917-1928.

IMG_33405.  St. Florian School.  1966.

IMG_33456.  St. Florian Church.  1927.

IMG_3347IMG_33497.  St. Florian Rectory.  1912.

IMG_3350IMG_3352IMG_33538.  Mann Park Fieldhouse.  1934.  1976 Gym.

9.  Mann Park.  1910 Dedicated as Hegewisch Park.  1922 Renamed Mann Park.

IMG_335410.  Hegewisch Public Library.  1991.

IMG_3357IMG_335911.  Virgil I. Grissom Elementary School.  1970.

IMG_3365Sound and security wall around Avalon Trails neighborhood in Hegewisch.

IMG_337012.  Truss Bridge crossing Torrence Ave. at 130th St.  2012.

IMG_3363Pedestrian bridge from Avalon Trails neighborhood across Torrence Ave. to Ford Assembly Plant

IMG_3371IMG_337313. Ford Motor Co. Chicago Assembly Plant.  1924-.

IMG_235412. Torrence Ave to Truss Bridge installed 2012 looking South. (2014)

IMG_2355#14 Torrence Ave. Bridge 1938 Vertical Lift Bridge looking North. (2014)

IMG_3374#14 Torrence Ave. Bridge 1938 Vertical Lift Bridge looking North. (2022)

IMG_3395IMG_339815.  Wolf Lake state Conservation Park.  1946.

IMG_340016.  William W. Powers State Recreation Area. 1947.


IMG_339217.  Nike-Ajax Missle Site – C44 Memorial.  1955.  1963 Decommissioned.  1971 Closed.