CA # 19 Belmont-Cragin

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for CA # 19 Belmont Cragin:

CA 19 Belmont Cragin

And here is the link to the Map of Belmont Cragin:

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

tempImageDeKeqU2. Blackhawk Park Fieldhouse.  1926.  Albert Schwartz.  1928 Walter W. Alschlager Swimming Pool addition.

tempImageBZc0oE4. Christopher House Elementary School.  2012-13.

tempImagegSbvP75. St. Stanislaus Church.  1910-14.  Worthmann & Steinbach.

tempImageO8LH3z5. St. Stanislaus Church.  1910-14.  Worthmann & Steinbach.

IMG_704311. Hanson Stadium and Park.  1939 Stadium.  John C. Christensen.

tempImagejh3Ir411. Hanson Stadium and Park.  1939 Stadium.  John C. Christensen.

tempImageKAFbZq7. Charles A. Prosser Career Academy.  

tempImageVfaqRK9.  Dr. Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy. 2009.  STL Architects. 

tempImageDyIYNu10. Gas Station and Auto Repair Shop.  1940.

tempImageo87XLw11. Hanson Stadium and Park.  1939 Stadium.  John C. Christensen.

tempImage0L2cEN13. St. James School.  1919.

tempImageIqsexo12.  St. James Church.  1968.

tempImagetwn9E514.  St. John Bosco Church.  1964.  Belli & Belli.

tempImageNbQVZc16.  Burbank Elementary School.  1929.

tempImageoetOO217.  Roberto Clemente School.  2012.

tempImageV73DXE18.  Chicago Fire Dept. Station.  1917.

tempImagem7GMpL19.  Radio Flyer Corp. Offices.  2016-17.  Hungerford/Gensler. 

tempImageEYuSoO19.  Radio Flyer Corp. Offices.  2016-17.  Hungerford/Gensler. 

tempImageL4YZr320.  Riis Park.  1914. 1940 Alfred Caldwell Landscape Architect.

tempImageFQECHH20.  Riis Park.  1914.  NRHP.  1929 Fieldhouse.  Walter Ahlschager.

tempImagetdxt8c22.  Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox & Socrates School.  1965-1966.


tempImageYMWZUfSenor Pan Cafe.  4612 W. Fullerton.  2007.

tempImagecxrUI9Senor Pan Cafe.  4612 W. Fullerton.  2007.


We ran the first 22 attractions above covering the first 6.5 miles of the neighborhood run.  Below are the next 16 items on the list covering the last 6 miles of the neighborhood run:

IMG_711623. Mary Lyon Public School. 1926.


23. Mary Lyon Public School. 1926.

tempImagebTqtBC24.  Steinmetz College Prep.  1931-1934.

tempImagehBmml124.  Steinmetz College Prep.  1931-1934.

tempImagezLv2Th24.  Steinmetz College Prep.  1931-1934.

tempImagefd3JlC25.  West Belmont Branch, Chicago Public Library.  1971.

tempImageNnTBod26.  St. Ferdinand Catholic School.

IMG_7134Halloween October 31, 2020.


tempImageIDKzxM26. St. Ferdinand Catholic Church. 1956-58.  Barry & Kay.

tempImageqwpqsG26. St. Ferdinand Catholic Church. 1956-58.  Barry & Kay.

tempImagegsqDx527.  Notre Dame H.S.  1938.

tempImageV7HbuB28.  Commercial Building.  1935.  Z. Erol Smith. tempImageBWhHo428.  Commercial Building.  1935.  Z. Erol Smith. 

tempImagekETrmX29.  St. Peter’s United Church-Christ.  1949-1950.

tempImageN0lfYT30.  Schubert Elementary School.  1928-1929.  John C. Christensen.

tempImageWZZNvQ30.  Schubert Elementary School.  1928-1929.  John C. Christensen. (Detail)

tempImageBsSVdZ31. Iglesia Evangélica Misionera Fuente Silohe 1920’s ?  Converted storefront, included for blue paint job – great marketing tool !

tempImagekk8psM33. Vietnamese Baptist Church of Chicago.  1921. Axel V. Teisen.

tempImageciznKR34.  Laughlin Falconer School.  1917-1918.  Arthur F. Hussander. 

tempImagecwV9FQ34.  Laughlin Falconer School.  1917-1918.  Arthur F. Hussander. 

tempImage0sHCbP35.  Wrightwood Bungalow Historic District.  NRHP.  1916-1926.  55 Bungalows along Wrightwood Av.

tempImageSEWvGv36.  Bungalow.  1924.  Joseph H. Klafter.


35.  Wrightwood Bungalow Historic District.  NRHP.  1916-1926. Looking west on Wrightwood Ave.


Posing with friends along Wrightwood Ave. Historic District. 


Posing with friends along Wrightwood Ave. Historic District. 


37.  St. Genevieve’s Church.  1939-1940.  McCarthy, Smith and Epping.


37. St. Genevieve’s Convent.

tempImageSaemZNHalloween in Belmont Cragin.