Riverside, Il.

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for CA Riverside:

Riverside, Illinois

An here is a:

Map of Riverside

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet:

IMG_80201.  Riverside Public Library  1930.  O’Conner, O’Conner, & Martin.


2. Riverside Township Hall (on Right).  1895.  George Ashby.

tempImageefjBUzH. Wallace Caldwell Memorial Bridge (Swinging Bridge) 1940 over the Des Plaines River.  (Photo Dec. 2020)

IMG_80304.  Riverside Train Depot 1901-1902 with…

5. Water Tower.  1871. William LeBaron Jenney … in the background.

IMG_8023Southwest Riverside entry to the boot between the river.

tempImageUSGAuR14.  Louis Y. Schermerhorn House.  1869.  William LeBaron Jenney.

IMG_803117.  Central Elementary School.  1897.  Charles Wittlesey.

tempImageSgoJys19.  Riverside Brookfield High School.  1918.  1954 Addition. (Pictured)

IMG_804122.  First Church of Christ Science (1992 converted to a private residence) 1920.  Howard Cheney.

IMG_803423.  Tomek House.  1905-1906.  Frank Lloyd Wright.  Barry Byrne assistant to FLW.

tempImageaqBkIn29.  505 Berkeley Rd. (Chlumsky House?) 1942.  09/30/22 Sold $383,500. Art Moderne.  Across the street to the north:

tempImagem6er0a555 Bryd Rd.  1940.  Sold $592,300 10/27/2021.  Fire, House boarded up 12/5/2020 when we visited.

IMG_8038December 2022 Christmas Grinch.