Phoenix, Az.

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for Phoenix:

Phoenix Attractions

And here is a map of the run in Phoenix:

Map of Phoenix

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

Downtown Phoenix:

IMG_8588OJPW4346The X Phoenix Apartment’s Project Manager and her mother.   2021-2022.

IMG_8592XZCE93003.  St. Mary’s Basilica. NRHP.  1902-1914.

IMG_8685IMG_8686IMG_8688IMG_86874.  Phoenix Union High School. NRHP.  1911-1912.

IMG_86845.  Rosson (Dr. Roland & Flora) House.  NRHP.  1894-1895.  A. P. Petit.

IMG_8677IMG_86819. Phillip Darrell Duppa Adobe House.  1870.  Oldest house in Phoenix, Arizona.

IMG_867610.  Union Station.  Southern Pacific & Santa Fe Railroad.  NHRP.  1923.  Closed 1996.  Peter Kiewit.

IMG_867511.  Carnegie Public Library 1906-1908  Millard & Creighton.

IMG_867412. Arizona State Capitol NRHP.  1927 Norman F. Marsh.


IMG_869315. City Hall. 1992-1994.  Langdon Wilson.  20 Stories.  $83m.

IMG_869016.  Maricopa County Courthouse – Old City Hall.  NRHP.  1928-1929.  Edward Neil; Escher & Mahoney.

Outside and near Phoenix:


IMG_86072.  Papago Park and Ponds – Hole in the Rock.

IMG_8626IMG_86022.  Papago Park and Ponds – Old Canal.


IMG_86152.  Papago Park and Ponds – Governor Hunt’s Tomb.

IMG_8633IMG_86302.  Papago Park and Ponds.

IMG_8695IMG_86948.  Arizona Biltmore Hotel.  1928-1929.  Albert Chase McArthur.  FLW consulted for 4 months on site.

IMG_8703IMG_8702IMG_86979.  Gammage Memorial Auditorium  NRHP.  1962-1964.  FLW; one of his last public buildings built.


IMG_5725IMG_5713IMG_5714IMG_572410.  Taliesin West NRHP NHL UNESCO WHS.  1937.  FLW.  Lived here until his death in 1959.

IMG_8728IMG_873011.  Wrigley Mansion.  NRHP   1929-1931.  Earl Heilschmidt.  $1.2m

IMG_8724IMG_8720Sloan Park.  Mesa, Az.  2012-2014.  Populous & DWL.  $99m.  15,000 seats.

IMG_8659Rock & Roll 10k Phoenix in Tempe, Az.