Palm Beach, Florida

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings

and Attractions for Palm Beach:

Palm Beach

And here is the link to the map of Palm Beach:

…that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

IMG_42131. Palm Beach Hotel 1925. Mortimer Dickerson Metcalfe.

IMG_4023 11. Palm Beach Hotel 1925. Mortimer Dickerson Metcalfe. (Foreground and to the right)

2. The Biltmore Hotel 1925-1926 (Background and to the left)

IMG_38654. Flagler Memorial Bridge.  1895 Flagler built RR bridge here.  2012-2017 Current bridge.

IMG_38675. Royal Poinciana Chapel. 1897-1898.  Built by Flagler for his hotel guests.

IMG_4046IMG_3869IMG_38666. Whitehall.  Henry Morrison Flagler Mansion.  1901-1902.  Carrere & Hastings.

IMG_38789. Palm Beach Elementary School.  1929.


10. Florida Embassy Club (Society of the Four Arts) 1929.  Addison Mizner.  Originally a Supper Club.


IMG_4038IMG_403611. The Palm Beach Town Docks.  1940’s.  84 slips, boats from 60 to 294 ft.

IMG_388412. Vineta Hotel.  1926.  E. F. Munden.

IMG_3886IMG_388513. Major Alley.  6 Georgian Revival Cottages.  1920’s.  Howard Major.

IMG_388814. Everglades Club.  1918.  Addison Mizner.  Originally built as a hospital.

IMG_4179IMG_417317.  Worth Ave. Shopping.  Building of Everglades Club began the move of shops to Worth Ave.

IMG_389718. Colony Hotel. 1947.

IMG_3899 1

IMG_389819.  Worth Avenue Clock Tower.  2010.  Bookend of Worth Ave. with Everglades Club.

IMG_390120.  Palm Beach Town Hall.  1925.  Harvey & Clarke.

IMG_390321.  Ambassador Earl T. Smith Memorial Park and Pool.  1987-1989.

IMG_390222.  Addison Mizner Memorial Fountain.  1929.

IMG_390623.  Palm Beach Daily News Building. 1925.  Wilcox Bros. Oscar Davies.

IMG_390824.  Phipps Plaza Historic District.  1920’s-1940’s.  Addison Mizner & Marion Sims Wyeth.

IMG_3909IMG_3912IMG_391525.  Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church.  1925-1926.  Hiss & Weekes.  Koi pond behind church.

IMG_3922IMG_3927IMG_3933IMG_3936IMG_391826.  The Breakers Hotel.  1925-1926.  Schultze & Weaver.  Flagler built, heirs continue ownership.

IMG_394227.  US Post Office.  1936-1937.  Louis A. Simon, Watt & Sinclair of Florida, Inc.

IMG_3953IMG_4064IMG_395028.  Paramount Theatre Building.  1926.  Josef Urban.

IMG_3949IMG_3957IMG_406529.  St. Edward Roman Catholic Church.  1926.  

Additional Attractions and Buildings, Second list:

IMG_39683. Old Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church.  1894.  1925 Last service.  Now a residence.

IMG_3973IMG_39724.  Duck Nest. 1891.

IMG_39785.  Sailfish Club.  1914 est., 1932 current location, 1980’s rebuild.

IMG_4060IMG_40616. William Gray Warden House.  1922.  Addison Mizner, Cooper G. Lightbown.

IMG_39927.  La Querida.  1923.  Addison Mizner.  Former Kennedy compound Winter White House.

IMG_40358.  El Solano – Harold S. Vanderbilt House.  1925.  Addison Mizner.  1980 John Lennon purchase.

IMG_41349.  Mar-a-Lago Mansion.  1924-1927.  Marion Sims Wyeth, Josef Urban.

IMG_403310.  Paul Moore, Sr. Mansion. 1926.  Addison Mizner.  South Elevation.

IMG_413612.  William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier.   1998-1999.  Rebuilt and reopened.


IMG_3893IMG_3894SurfSide Diner.  2013.  Previously Hamburger Heaven since 1960. 


KAPL4181Green’s Pharmacy.  1938. 

IMG_4156Benny’s on the Beach.  1986.


IMG_4082Seafood Bar – The Breakers