Indianapolis, Indiana

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for Indianapolis:

Spreadsheet of Indianapolis Attractions

And here is a map of the run in Indianapolis:

Map of Indianapolis

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

IMG_5863IMG_6143IMG_5864IMG_58653. Indianapolis Canal Walk opened 2001.  1836-1839 Canal built.

IMG_61424. Indianapolis Public Library.  1917.  Paul Cret.

IMG_61415.  Scottish Rite Cathedral.  1927-1929.  George F. Schreiber.

IMG_61406. War Memorial Plaza.  1927-1933.  Walker & Weeks.

IMG_61398.  Atheneum & Rathskeller 1893-1894.  Vonnegut & Bohlen.  (Kurt Vonnegut’s Grandfather)

IMG_61389.  James Whitcomb Riley Home.  1872.  Creator of Little Orphant Annie.

IMG_613710.  Indianapolis City Market NRHP.  Est. 1821.  1886.

IMG_613614.  Circle Theatre (Hilbert) NRHP.  1916.  Rubush & Hunter.

IMG_6135IMG_613415.  Indiana Pacers (Bankers Life) Field House.  1997-1999.  Ellerbe Becket Blackburn Architects.

IMG_6133IMG_613216.  Union Station NRHP.  1886-1888.  Thomas Rodd.

IMG_6131IMG_6130IMG_587317.  Indianapolis Colts (Lucas Oil) Stadium 2005-2008.  A2so4 Architecture.