Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Summit City 10k (Jean) and Half Marathon (Dade):


Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for Ft. Wayne:

Fort Wayne Attractions

And here is a map of the run in Ft. Wayne:

Map of Ft. Wayne

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

IMG_3674 1.  Grand Wayne Convention Center.  1983-1985.  2003-2005 Renovated.


IMG_36732.  Parkview Field – TinCaps Baseball Team.  2007-2009.  Populous.

IMG_36783.  U S Post Office & Courthouse NRHP.  1931-1932.  Guy Mahurin & Benjamin Morris.

IMG_36804. Pennsylvania RR Station NRHP.  1914.  George B. Swift & Co. & William L. Price.

IMG_3684IMG_36885.  Broadway Cemetery.  1886.  Renamed Hugh McCulloch Park.

IMG_3617IMG_3618IMG_36196.  Emmanuel Lutheran Church.  1867-1869.

IMG_3615IMG_36167.  St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.  1862.

IMG_36258.  B. Paul Mossman House.  1905.

IMG_3631IMG_3634IMG_3640IMG_3644IMG_3649IMG_3652IMG_3653Fort Wayne Lighting Services 802 W. Wayne St.  NRHP.

IMG_36279.  John Claus Peters House NRHP.  1885.  John Wing.

IMG_3658IMG_365410.  St. Joseph’s Hospital est. 1869. being demolished.  Lutheran Downtown Hospital 2021.

IMG_366011.  Fort Wayne Newspapers.  2007.

IMG_3692IMG_3695IMG_369612.  Bloomingdale Park.  1916.

IMG_369713.  Hugh McCulloch House NRHP.  1883.

IMG_3699IMG_369814.  Trinity Episcopal Church NRHP.  1865.  Charles Crosby Miller.

IMG_370015.  Scottish Rite Center.  1924-1925.  Guy Mahurin.

IMG_370116.  Henry G. Olds.  1875.  George Trenam.

IMG_3703IMG_3704IMG_370217. Trinity English Lutheran Church.  1923-1924.  Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue.

IMG_370619.  First Presbyterian Church.  1950-1952.

20.  Promenade Park.  2019.

IMG_3754IMG_3755IMG_3756IMG_3757IMG_3758IMG_3759IMG_3760North of Promenade Park, Wells St. Bridge, and St. Mary’s River on the Rivergreenway, kayak rentals and public bathrooms.

IMG_8432IMG_843321.  Wells Street Bridge NRHP.  1884.  1982 closed to cars.

IMG_3762IMG_376323. Northside Park – Since 1900, Lawton Park.  1866.  1901 Cannons Added.

IMG_376424.  Columbia St. Bridge.  Convergence of St. Mary’s, St. Joseph’s and Maumee Rivers.  1923.  Asa Waters Grosvenor.

IMG_375025.  Arts United Center.  1973.  Louis Kahn.

IMG_374826.  Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  1984.  Walter Netsch SOM.


IMG_371428.  Journal-Gazette Building NRHP.  1927-1928.  Charles R. Weatherhogg.

IMG_371129.  Allen County Courthouse.  NHL & HRHP.  1897-1902.  1992-2002 $8.6m renovation.

IMG_371830.  The City Building, Old City Hall NRHP.  1892.  Wing & Hahunn.

IMG_3721IMG_372031.  McColloch-Weatherhogg Double House NRHP.  1889-1903.  Fire. 1905 Rebuilt. Wing & Mahunn.

IMG_372332.  Masonic Temple NRHP.  1926.  Charles R. Weatherhogg.

IMG_375233.  Saint Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church NRHP.  1889.  1903 Fire.  1905 Rebuild.  Wing & Mahunn.



IMG_372734.  Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception NRHP.  1859-1860.  Rev. Msgr. Julian Benoit.

IMG_372835.  Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory.  1983.

IMG_3734IMG_373536.  Emboyd. (Embassy) Theater & Indiana Theater NRHP.  1926-1928.  John Eberson.

IMG_372437.  Indiana Michigan Power Center.  1978-1982.  Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo & Assoc.

IMG_374638.  Schmitz Block.  1888.  Frank B. Kendrick.

IMG_374139.  Lincoln Bank Tower.  1929-1930.

IMG_374040.  Fort Wayne National Bank.  1923.  Charles R. Weatherhogg.

IMG_373941.  Engine House No. 3. NRHP.  1893.  1907 Addition.

IMG_3662IMG_3663IMG_3664IMG_3665Henry’s. 1959.

IMG_3669Sunbeam Bread, a Fort Wayne institution.

IMG_3671IMG_3765IMG_3767IMG_3768IMG_3769Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island.  2014.



IMG_3709Cindy’s Diner.  At this location since 1990.  4 owners, 4th name change and 3rd location since 1952.