Dayton, Ohio

Here is a Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for Dayton:


And here is the link to the Map of Dayton:

… that will take you past all of the Buildings and Attractions included on the above spreadsheet.

Photos from June 10-12, 2021:

IMG_5874 2. Benjamin F. Kuhns Building.  NRHP.  1883.  Peters & Burns; Beaver & Butt.

IMG_6128IMG_6127IMG_6129IMG_5878IMG_58793. Dayton Arcade.  NRHP.  1902-1904.   Frank M. Andrews.

IMG_5885IMG_5884IMG_5883IMG_58825.  Dayton Daily News Building.  NRHP.  1908-1910.  Albert A. Pretzinger.

IMG_58936.  Sacred Heart Catholic Church & Rectory.  NRHP.  1888-1893.  Charles Insco Williams. $100k

IMG_58887.  Old Post Office & Federal Building.  NRHP.  1915.  Taylor T. Knox & Herbert B. Knox.

IMG_5891IMG_5890Edwin Smith House.  NRHP.  131 W. Third St.  1850-1852.  Now the Dayton Bicycle Club.

IMG_6123Marcus Bossier House.  NRHP.  136 S. Dutoit St.  1869.

IMG_5925IMG_5926Wright Cycle Co. Shop.  NRHP & NHL.  1886.  Abraham & Joseph Nicholas.  Poster of Major Marshall Taylor, 1899 World Bicycle Champion.  22 S. Williams St.

IMG_6121Carillon Historical Park, Lock #17 Miami & Erie Canal.

IMG_6120Carillon Historical Park.  1905 Wright Flyer III, at Wright Brothers Aviation Center.


IMG_5953The Brunch Club.  601 S. Main.  Fantastic Breakfast.

IMG_6119IMG_6117Dayton Spring Half Marathon.  June 12, 2021.  It was hot.