Champaign, Il.

Here is the Spreadsheet for the places we visited in Champaign:

CA Champaign Urbana

And here is the map of the route we took to visit those places:


IMG_8955 1Big Grove Tavern, Champaign, Il.

IMG_8957 1IMG_89561.  University Baptist Church. 1915-1916.

IMG_8958 12.  McKinley Memorial Presbyterian Church.  1911-1912.

IMG_8960 13.  Scott Park.  1891-1901.

IMG_8962 1IMG_8961 14.  New Champaign High School (Edison Middle School).  1914.  Spencer and Temple.

IMG_8963 1IMG_8964 15.  Francis and Abbie Solon House.  1867.  Seeley Brown. 

IMG_8965 1IMG_8966 1IMG_8967 16.  Exaltation of the Holy Cross Catholic Church.  1920-1924.  


IMG_89707.  Junior High School.  (Champaign Central High School).  1934-1935. 

IMG_89718.  the commons.  (West Side Park).  1859-1861.  9. “A Prayer for Rain” Statue.  Johnson Fountain.  1899.  Edward Kemeys.

IMG_8972 1IMG_8974 110.  Virginia Theatre.  Roger Ebert Statue.  1921.  C. Howard Crane & Kenneth Franzheim, George Ramey.

IMG_8975 111.  First United Methodist Church.  1906.  Bullard & Bullard. 

IMG_8976 112.  First Presbyterian Church.  1869.

IMG_8977 113.  Masonic Temple (Lodge on the Hill).  1912-1913.  Charles B. Spenser.  Exterior.  Nelson S. Spencer & Harry R. Temple.  (Interior)

IMG_8978 114.  School converted to 8 apartments.

IMG_897915.  Orpheum Theater (Children’s Science Museum).  1914.  Rapp & Rapp.

IMG_898016.  First National Bank Building.  1909-1910.  Mundie and Jensen.

IMG_898117.  City Building.  1935-1937.  George Ramey.

IMG_898418.  Inman Hotel.  1915.  Spencer and Temple.


IMG_899119.  Illinois Traction Station.  1913.  Joseph W. Royer.

IMG_8987IMG_8988 120.  Illinois Central Railroad Station.  1898-1899.  Francis T. Bacon.

IMG_899021.  Illinois Central Railroad Terminal.  1924.

IMG_899222.  Illinois Terminal.  1999.

IMG_8993 1IMG_8994 123.  Cattle Bank.  1856.

IMG_8995 1IMG_8996 124.  Top – Helms Park.  Bottom – Stone Arch Bridge in foreground.  1860.