North East Pest

1. Spreadsheet of Buildings and Attractions of North East Budapest:

Budapest, Hungary North East

2.  Map of 5.78 Mile Run in NE Budapest:

Map NE Pest Run

3.  Photos of NE Budapest:

IMG_6327IMG_6330IMG_63281.  Walter Rozsi Villa.  1936.  Jozef Fischer & Eszter Pécsi.

IMG_6329IMG_63312.  Lutheran Church 1905 & School 1904.   Samu Pecz.

IMG_63604.  Hall of Art.  1895-1896.  Albert Schickedanz & Fulop Herczog.

IMG_63585.  Heroes’ Square & Millennium Memorial.  1896-1900.

IMG_63617.  Museum of Fine Arts.  1900-1906.  Albert Schickedanz & Fulop Herczog.

IMG_6392IMG_6390IMG_6389IMG_6387IMG_6386IMG_6384IMG_6383IMG_6382IMG_6381IMG_6380IMG_6379IMG_637511. Szechenyl Medicinal Bath.  1909-1913.  Cyozo Czigler.

IMG_637112.  Vajdahunyad Castle.  1904-1908.  Ignac Alpar.  Niche containing Bust of Bela Lugosi.  1882-1956.  Famed for his portrayal of Count Dracula in the 1931 movie Dracula and countless other movies.

IMG_6373IMG_6370IMG_6367IMG_6364IMG_636312.  Vajdahunyad Castle.  1904-1908.  Ignac Alpar.

IMG_6345IMG_6351IMG_6344IMG_634014.  Museum of Ethnography.  2017-2022.  Ferencz Marcel for NAPUR Architecture.


16.  Keleti (Eastern) RR Station.  1881-1884.  Gyula Rochlitz & Janos Feketehazy.