South Pest

1.  Spreadsheet of the list of Buildings and Attractions for South Budapest:

Budapest, Hungary South

2. Map of 5.25 Mile Run in South Budapest:

South Pest Run

3.  Photos of South Budapest:

IMG_62442.  Anker Palace.  1908-1910.  Inga Alpar.

IMG_6249IMG_6248IMG_62475.  Inner City Parish Church.  1725-1739.  Gyorgy Pauer Janos.  2011 Facade renovated.

IMG_6437IMG_6436IMG_64296.  Elizabeth Bridge.  (View from Buda Side of Danube). 1961-1964.

IMG_6250IMG_6251IMG_62527.  University Church of St. Mary the Virgin.  1723-1742.

IMG_6263IMG_62548.  Great Market Hall.  1897.  Samu Pecz.




IMG_6236IMG_64199.  Liberty Bridge.  1894-1896.  Janos Feketehazy.

IMG_6264IMG_627110. Customs House.  1870-1874.  Miklos Ybl.  

IMG_627411.  Museum of Applied Arts.  1893-1896.  Odon Lechner.

IMG_6280IMG_627912.  Metropolitan Szabo Ervin Library.  1887-1889.  1931 Capitol Library opened after Family Palace transformation.

IMG_6293IMG_6291IMG_628614.  Dohany Street Synagogue.  1854-1859.  Ludwig Forster.  1991-1998 Restoration.